About Jewel

Jewel’s profound understanding of the man/woman relationship dynamic is the centerpiece of her transformational coaching programs.  Having used the adventure of her life as a laboratory, Jewel offers her clients pathways to mastery in the realm of emotional intelligence, sensual fulfillment and spiritual development.  Jewel’s greatest pleasure is to empower others with the fruits of her learning.

Jewel believes in the essential perfection of every human being — that nothing about us needs to be fixed — and that from the rightness of who we are in the present moment, there is always more to be had and enjoyed.  Based on this philosophy and more than twenty years of research,  Jewel’s work empowers women, men and couples in having greater pleasure, fun and fulfillment in their lives.

Jewel describes her relationship with her clients as coach, spiritual guide and friend.  Her clients benefit from her ability to listen deeply and attentively in a way that opens them to a truer expression of Self that is both nurturing and empowering.  Jewel’s highest goal is to bring a compassionate heart to each and every interaction with the people with whom she is privileged to work.  The result is not only profound insight and inspiration to create a new future, but also clear and practical guidance along the path to manifesting it.

In addition to her personal coaching programs, Jewel has developed and led numerous programs and workshops for women, men and couples that are designed to generate greater fun, intimacy and connection for all participants including in the arena of sensuality and sacred sexuality.


  • Ten years of intensive study through Layfayette Morehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area including courses in community lifestyles, man/woman relationships, sensuality and sexuality.
  • Ten years of intensive study though Landmark Education – extensive programs in transformational education.
  • Advanced trainings in Energetic Medicine with Dr. Kam Yuen.
  • The Miracle of Love Intensive – Beginning and Advanced trainings, San Diego, California.
  • Constellation Trainings – in the methodology of Dr. Bert Hellinger, “Love’s Hidden Symmetry”.
  • Shamanic Training with Dr. Ray Stubbs, “Path of the Sexual Shaman”.
  • Fearless Feminine Presence training with Rachael Jayne Grover.
  • Co-founded the The Center for Women’s Leadership  in Marin County, California  — developed and led The Women’s Leadership Program 1994 through 1999.
  • B.A in Political and Social Thought from The University of Virginia.


Note:  I want to thank and appreciate Dr. Victor Baranco and community for all the ways in which their extraordinary teachings have continued to inform my life and my work.