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Coaching for Couples

Coaching for Couples brings new levels of fulfillment and fun to the aspects of your relationship that are stuck or stagnating, as well as more joy and aliveness into every area of your life together.

Being a committed couple these days is no longer a simple undertaking. The world of man/woman relationships is changing and transforming so rapidly, that we often feel challenged in knowing where we stand in the midst of all the chaos.

Most of the models for relationship given to us by previous generations no longer applyWe can feel like there are no rules or guideposts that we can truly count on to serve us when the going gets tough. Our small complaints can turn into major upsets that leave us feeling disconnected, hopeless and disappointed.

How do we traverse this complicated terrain in our most important relationships with ease and assurance and feel confident that our needs and desires are truly being met?  How can we bring joy and aliveness to our intimate relationship in a way that is truly satisfying for everyone involved?

Coaching for Couples is designed to cause a dramatic increase in your experience of being happy, harmonious and satisfied in your experience of being a couple.

Our coaching conversations will include:

  • Creating clear goals and intentions for your relationship at this important time in both of your lives.
  • Learning invaluable communication tools that smooth the waters in all of your day-to-day interactions.
  • Gaining a much deeper understanding of the fundamental nature of the man/woman dynamic.
  • Resting in the assurance that BOTH of your needs and desires are being acknowledged and fulfilled.
  • Increasing the level of pleasure and fun in your experience of being together.

Continuous support and partnership for the implementation of your goals as a couple are provided.  This is achieved by a combination of weekly 1- hour meetings in addition to unlimited email access to Jewel while we are working together. My promise is to respond to your emails within 24 hours of receiving your communication.

To discover if this coaching program is a fit for you, please call Jewel at 541-890-5095 for a complimentary intro session.

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