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Coaching for Men

Coaching for Men is designed to call forth your masculine power in a way that increases your ability to win consistently, not only with women, but in all areas of your life.

Being a man in today’s world has never been more challenging. Women have rightfully claimed their place in the world as equals and men of good heart have celebrated and supported this development, but still the question remains:

How do I as a man understand how to relate to the women in my life with genuine honor and respect without compromising who I am?” 

Understanding how to relate to women is absolutely essential to your success. This new way of relating lies beyond the already established gender roles and power struggles with women. For most men, no matter how successful you may be in other areas of life, if you are not winning consistently with women, you will experience a lack of personal power, freedom and joy.

During our interactions together, we will explore where you are winning with women and where you are not. You will learn a simple but powerful framework for understanding the dynamic between men and women and the tools you need to have satisfying relationships with women in today’s world.  The transformation that occurs will leave you with new levels of confidence and an increased access to your personal power in addition to being able to have more fun with the women in your life.

The structure includes a combination of weekly 1 hour coaching calls as well as email access to me during your program. (My promise is to respond to you via email within 24 hours of receiving your communications.)

To discover if this coaching program is a fit for you, please call Jewel at 541-890-5095 for a complimentary intro session.

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