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 Coaching for Women

Coaching for Women is about inspiring the deepest expression of your feminine essence by enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the men in your life. You will be supported in accessing new levels of fulfillment and joy in your relationships with men, which positively impacts all areas of your life.

While women have gained an enormous amount of leadership and authority in our world, there is still a lot of confusion and frustration about how to relate to men in a way that really works.

We find ourselves asking:

How do I experience partnership and harmony in my relationships with men in a way that I feel seen, felt, heard and honored for who I am?”

Not having the answer to this question can leave us feeling frustrated, depleted and depressed. Many of us resort to complaining to other women about the men in our lives. Some of us feel like we’re better off being alone. Unfortunately, these negative reactions to men don’t bring us more happiness and, consequently, our disappointment in men and in ourselves increases.


During our coaching sessions:

  • You will gain a much deeper understanding of men and how to work and play with them.
  • You will receive the emotional clarity and tools that you need to have your relationships with men be both joyful and enlivening.
  • You will discover the Keys to the Queendom for understanding men in a way that leaves you empowered and supported.
  • You will have men in your life wondering how they can serve you best.


Together, we will be exploring questions such as:

How are your beliefs about men sabotaging your ability to have the life that you want?

Where are you “short-changing” yourself and blaming men for why you aren’t feeling happy?

How are your views about men actually compromising the fulfillment of your most heartfelt needs and desires?

This coaching program includes a combination of weekly 1-hour calls as well as email access to me during your program. My commitment is to respond to you within 24 hours of receiving your communications.

To discover if this coaching program is a fit for you, please call Jewel at 541-890-5095 for a complimentary intro session.


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