“This is the work that the world is yearning for.”

“I am so grateful to have worked with Jewel as a relationship and life coach over the last 5 years. She expertly assists couples in navigating the terrain of relationship with deep mutual honoring. Her intuitive guidance has led to the discovery of new pathways of communication, helping to unveil hidden agreements and inauthentic patterns that no longer served us.”

“Working with Jewel during some of my most challenging moments, I have reached greater clarity and deeper intimacy with self and other. These sessions have allowed new insights and perspectives to emerge creating openness for new solutions and greater harmony. ”

“Jewel’s expertise in facilitating difficult conversations allowed me to un-entangle from my challenges so I could be fully present, listen and be heard. These sessions have often been mind-blowing, deeply relieving and sometimes assisted the relationship into a clean and yet mutually supportive and beneficial break. ”

“If you need to lay the foundation, reinvent, un-entangle or get clear about what’s next, working with Jewel will be a tremendous blessing in the success of your relationships and your life.”

Marina Hartnell, RN, Doula, Massage Therapist, Ashland, OR

“It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to know and work with Jewel. Her unique education around relationships and sexuality is a great contribution to her clients. An exchange with Jewel is like nothing else. It sparks inner truth and clarity that leaves you feeling deeply seen and acknowledged.  Thank you, Jewel, for your deep and healing sisterhood that has blessed and continues to bless my life.  Everyone should be so lucky to have a sister like you, and now they can!”

J’aime Cerino,  Teacher/Educator


“Working with Jewel is a delight and a pleasure.  She is intuitive, caring and knowledgeable and she knows how to create a safe container to do some very deep work.  Jewel partners with you wherever you are and gently and lovingly helps you move towards your stated goals.  I especially love the homework!”

— Patty F, Retired Law Enforcement officer


“When we first started working with Jewel, our relationship was stuck.  She not only helped us move beyond our difficulties, but set us firmly on a path toward enriching our lives together.  Jewel is warm,  understanding and very smart about men and women.  Every conversation with her opened new doors.  No doubt we’ll call on her again.”

Jen & Karl, Authors, Charlottesville, VA


“The Journey to Fulfillment offered by Jewel Baldwin is a transforming and empowering opportunity for women to explore what they want from life in all arenas. My dialogues with Jewel “cleared the decks” for me and brought clarity to my relationships, energized my work, and enhanced my spiritual connections. Jewel is a gem, a thoroughly positive catalyst in one’s life, encouraging, empathetic, insightful, and wise.”

Jennifer, professional writer and mother


“Working with Jewel has helped me understand how to relate to women at a much deeper level and to have greater compassion for myself and for the women in my life. She understands men better than any women I’ve ever known and most importantly, has taught me skills to continue to improve my communication with women. She has been the most important teacher in my life in terms of intimacy and relating to women.”

Jim, Health and Wellness Coach


“Jewel has been invaluable to me in regaining my equilibrium after a painful breakup. Our sessions were always totally comfortable for me even though we were delving into areas of deep hidden feelings. I noticed, post session, feeling light as a feather and friends have commented that the sparkle is back in my eye.”

Randy, Real Estate Broker, Mt. Shasta, CA