Man/Woman Dialogues

These enlivening dialogues are designed to increase the level of connection among a group of people who already have a degree of community, but are interested in having more fun together.  The topics described below are by no means a finite list. Conversations can be shaped and determined based on the needs and desires of the group.

The format is typically 4 sessions, held every other week over an 8-week period or every week for one month.  Dialogues are conducted with participants via SKYPE for up to 90 minutes and include a combination of teaching, exercises and Q &A.  Social gatherings and/or follow-up conversations can be added on to either end of the sessions.

The entire 4-session package is $100 per person. Individual sessions can be purchased for $30 each.  A minimum of 8 participants is needed to conduct the 4-session program.

Possible topics include the following:

        1. Fundamentals of the Man/Woman Relationship Dynamic
        2. Communication tools for greater intimacy.
        3. Monogamy vs. Non-traditional relating
        4. How to win with jealously!
        5. How to build affinity and turn-on in your relationships.
        6. What women really want from men!
        7. What men really from women!
        8. The divine power of acknowledgement