Understanding Men: A Conversation for Women

Do you ever wonder what really makes men tick?

Do you often feel that men are operating on an entirely different channel?

Have you ever felt that trying to relate to men is just not worth all the effort?

In this powerful one-day workshop for women, you will receive the “keys to the kingdom” for truly understanding and appreciating who men are. This newfound clarity will give you a perspective in relating to men as never before. From this place of greater understanding, you will experience true pleasure and satisfaction when relating to the important men in your life.

We are entering a time when understanding the “relational field” that exists between men and women will be the key to creating a sustainable future. I invite you to join me in a one-day adventure that could change the future and your life!


“Jewel – you are amazing …very grounded and clear.  You hold an excellent group.  You know how to hold sacred, healing and safe environment to learn from and grow in.  Your knowledge is presented in a clear and eloquent way.” – Judy

“I experienced Jewel as a wonderful teacher with so much compassion and a deep understanding of the delicate dance of intimacy and relationship.  Today’s workshop has shed new light and understanding around how I can honor myself more as a woman and open my deepest heart to my man in curiosity, joy and love.”  — Renee J.

“What Jewel presented was an eye-opener in how I have related to men.  I now feel the opening to be aware of the old inclinations and new fresh opportunities for connecting in a more thoughtful and caring way.” – Susanne

“Jewel is a treasure trove of graceful knowledge regarding peace between the masculine and feminine in body and in the world.”  Beautiful, deep work!”  — Renee M.